Getting hands dirty
DMD Sales Solutions specialises in face to face fundraising and provides charities with regular donations that help the charities give the services they currently offer and more. We recruit fundraisers who undergo thorough training which maximises their performance, skills and knowledge of each charity. Listed below are a few key services DMD provides for the charities we work with. 
  1. Training
    DMD offers a full and vigorous training program which provides every one of our fundraisers with a great knowledge of the charity they are being recruited for. They then have one to one training with a fundraising manager before they go onto stand feeling confident, happy and ready to make a difference.
  2. Longevity and Quality
    DMD prides itself on the quality delivered to each charity and ensures that every donor is given the best customer service possible and provided with a wealth of information about the charity so they are aware of what a difference their continuing sponsorship makes.
  3. Private Sites
    DMD book private sites where fundraisers are able to raise awareness of the charity and recruit regular giving donors to help them provide the services they currently offer and maybe more. We have built a series of relationships with various private sites over the last 10 years.
  4. Shows & Exhibitions
    DMD organise and book various shows and exhibitions for our fundraisers to attend, such as The Ideal Home Exhibition, The Good Food Show and and The Country Living Christmas Fair. These are very popular with not only our fundraisers but with the public.
  1. Form Processing
    DMD processes all forms in house and ensures any details obtained are not shared with any other third party - only the charity the donor is giving regular donations to.
  2. P.A.Y.E Fundraisers
    All DMD's fundraisers are on payroll (P.A.Y.E). We do not operate on a self employed basis